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France a step closer to compensating victims of past anti-gay laws

Vichy regime.Under the guise of protecting young people, the Vichy government in 1942 introduced a distinction between the age of consent for heterosexual and homosexual sex.That age was set at 13 for heterosexual couples (though raised to 15 a few years later), while it was set at 21 for homosexuals.Same-sex couples risked prison until 1982, with convictions including “moral indecency” and “leading a minor to debauchery”.Terrence Katchadourian, of the NGO Stop Homophobie, said Wednesday's unanimous vote in parliament was a "nice surprise"."The fact that France is asking for forgiveness ... sends a beautiful message worldwide," he said.Joel Deumier, also with SOS Homophobie, said that while the National Assembly had sent an "extremely strong signal", there could be no recognition without reparations.It is estimated that between 1942 and 1982, some 50,000 people were convicted for homosexual offences.Of those, 10,000 were targeted under under Article 331 of the Penal Code.

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