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Club Q Shooting Comes Amid Increased Attacks on LGBTQ+ Venues

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In the wake of Saturday's mass shooting at the queer club Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colo., which left five people dead and at least 18 wounded, advocates point to the increased anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric online and the numerous anti-LGBTQ+ bills drafted in recent months.Far-right influencers have set their sights on the LGBTQ+ community, specifically the transgender community and drag queens, to generate a divisive culture war issue in the run-up to the recent midterm elections.

For months, experts have warned that the attacks targeting the LGBTQ+ community were not only bigoted but also dangerous.Now in the wake of the massacre, this time at Club Q, authorities are trying to piece together a motive.

However, some say one of the factors is clear: targeted online extremism and stochastic terrorism.While authorities in Colorado Springs have not released why the suspect gunned down at least five patrons at Club Q, the venue called the shooting a "hate attack."A public information officer for the Colorado Springs Police Department said on Sunday that the department is still investigating the reason for the shooting and would not speculate on the motivation.

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