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Racing legend Lewis Hamilton stands up for LGBTQ+ rights in the Middle East & looks smokin’ hot while doing so

sported Progress Pride flag colors on his helmet two years ago when he won the inaugural Grand Prix.Speaking before this weekend’s race, Hamilton said he hopes his headwear ignites discussion.“I think it’s always good and well raising awareness for things, but it’s more about the work that’s done in the background, the conversations that you continue to have to have,” he said.? pic.twitter.com/GPpwKHzBhlHamilton’s gesture of solidarity stands in stark contrast to soccer legend David Beckham, who’s continually downplayed Qatar’s abhorrent treatment of LGBTQ+ folx. He inked a $150 million ambassadorship deal with the country prior to the 2022 World Cup, and extolled Qatar’s “perfection.”Contrastingly, Hamilton says he feels an obligation to highlight civil rights issues.“I do think as these sports go to these places, they’re duty-bound to raise awareness for these issues,” he said in 2021. “And these places need scrutiny and need the media to speak about these things.”That was not the vibe at Qatar during last year’s World Cup, as FIFA warned players they would be disciplined if they wore rainbow regalia.

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