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Bouncer ‘called woman a “geezer bird” in vile homophobic rant’ at London pub

Super Bowl, it has been claimed.The doorman allegedly took issue with her sexual orientation when she arrived at The Leyton Star on Sunday.In a post on neighbourhood app Next Door, a friend wrote: ‘A party of us went there to watch the Super Bowl, the door security took issue with a friend of mine because of her sexual orientation. ‘I’m not saying the pub is the issue but they are employing openly homophobic door staff.’He then claimed he told his friend ‘you’ll never be a man, stop acting like one,’ and allegedly called her a ‘geezer bird’ and a ‘fat d**e’.The punter said the pub is usually a ‘lovely’ place to visit. To get the latest news from the capital, visit's dedicated page.He added: ‘This place used to be a lovely pub and had no issue with members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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