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Alabama Transgender Candidate Reveals How She Can Win in Republican State

Sylvia Swayne, the 26-year-old transgender Democrat running for the vacant role in Alabama's House district 55, wants to prove to the rest of the country that there is more to the state—a key battleground in the Republicans' culture war on trans rights—than its reputation would suggest.Montgomery-born Swayne told Newsweek that politics is new territory for her, but is hoping to take the seat once occupied by Democrat Fred Plump after his resignation in May during his first year in office. She is a fresh face to Alabama's politics—and yet she has already achieved something historic in the traditionally conservative state.She is the first trans woman to run for state office in Alabama and could be the first to be elected should she win the Democratic primaries starting in a month's time and then the special election in January.Plump left the seat vacant in May after pleading guilty to federal charges—one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and one count of obstruction of justice.A month later, Alabama Gov.

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