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Women Can Now Go Topless on Nantucket Beaches

 (CNN) -- It is now legal for women -- and men -- to be topless at beaches on the popular vacation island of Nantucket, off the coast of Massachusetts.Earlier this year, a local-led "Gender Equality on Beaches" campaign proposed a bylaw amendment that would make it legal for anyone of any gender to go nude from the waist up while on a beach on the island.Although Nantucket voters had already voted yes on the proposed bylaw in May, the decision became official when Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey approved it on December 6.Under the previous law, women could be fined $300 and faced a penalty of up to three years in prison if caught topless on the island.In the document issued by her office, Healey says that Nantucket's decision might be controversial, but it doesn't conflict with any state laws."We approve the Town's vote authorizing any person to go topless on any public or private beach in Nantucket because we discern no conflict between the vote and the Constitution or laws of the Commonwealth.

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