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A brief timeline of ‘Doctor Who’s’ cosmic journey with sexuality & gender

Doctor Who has fearlessly explored cosmic realms and, in its open-hearted embrace of the universe’s infinite possibilities, has welcomed LGBTQ+ fans along for the adventure. With its most recent iteration, The BBC’s beloved sci-fi saga has brought back gay showrunner Russell T Davis (Queer As Folk, It’s A Sin) and introduced Ncuti Gatwa’s Time Lord—the first time the iconic hero has been play by an out queer actor and person of color—crafting a season that has threaded queer themes into the story with intentionality, in ways both big and small.But it’s not like Doctor Who is “suddenly gay.” Especially in recent years, the show has more openly embraced and celebrated queer identities, featuring pivotal moments that highlight diversity both with the cast and its time-and-space-traversing story.Now that the current season has come to a close, let’s delve into some standout moments from the show’s history that have reflected the queerness of our big, beautiful universe through Doctor Who’s ever-expanding sexuality—and truly touched our hearts in the process.“The Doctor’s Wife” (Season 6, Episode 4)Penned by Neil Gaiman, this tale unfolds amidst the wibbly-wobbly eddies of time and space, where the Eleventh Doctor’s (Matt Smith) TARDIS finds itself imbued within the form of a woman named Idris (played by Suranne Jones).

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