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Cat Found in Checked Airport Luggage

 (CNN) -- People take strange things on planes -- that's nothing new. And the suitcase checked for a journey from New York JFK to Orlando, Florida, on November 16 certainly contained some oddities.

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Police Investigating as Four People Fall Sick at LAX Airport
(CNN) – The four people hurt in an apparent gas leak on Monday at Los Angeles International Airport were all airport employees, according to an update provided by the Los Angeles Fire DepartmentThe condition of the most severely sickened victim has been upgraded from grave to critical following the incident.A woman and three men were working in or near a utility room “when a popping sound was heard, and the apparent release of Carbon Dioxide vapor took place,” the LAFD report said.The most seriously injured man, described as being in his 50s, was found not breathing and without a pulse inside the utility room. CPR was immediately performed and advanced life support given by emergency responders as he was taken to a nearby hospital, the fire department shared.“LAFD Hazardous Materials experts have closely examined the area with sophisticated instruments, and discovered only trace residue of Carbon Dioxide remaining within the utility room,” said the LAFD.Portable fans are being used to further ventilate the immediate area.All other terminals and flights are operating normally, according to a tweet from LAX airport.The terminal was cleared of passengers due to a hazardous materials investigation, the airport tweeted earlier on Monday.The Federal Aviation Administration issued a ground stop for United Airlines as a result of the emergency.
Severely Damaged Plane Makes Emergency Landing
(CNN) – A LATAM Airlines plane was damaged while traveling from Santiago, Chile, to Asunción, Paraguay, and had to make an emergency landing at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport on Wednesday after experiencing “severe weather conditions during its flight path,” the airline told CNN in a statement on Thursday.“Passengers and crew are safe and well,” the statement said, adding the airline regretted “any inconvenience this weather situation may have caused to its passengers.”Telefuturo, a CNN affiliate, reported that 48 people were traveling on the flight.The images obtained by the station show the damaged aircraft with its nose missing and its windshield smashed.The General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Chile reported in a statement Thursday that the Paraguayan aviation authorities have initiated an investigation and that a team of specialists from the Chilean entity “will be integrated on the ground to collaborate with this investigative process.”CNN en Español reached out to the Paraguayan National Directorate of Civil Aeronautics on Thursday for more information but has not yet received a response. Scary flight for passenger“Near Asunción the terrible turbulence began and people already started to panic and then the pilot tells us to prepare for an emergency landing,” passenger Pabla Thomen told a private radio station, Monumental AM 1080, on Thursday.Thomen added that she got scared and hugged her daughter during the turbulence and at one point her seat belt came undone.
Virgin Atlantic Launches New Gender-Neutral Uniform Policy
(CNN) – Virgin Atlantic has said it is scrapping gendered uniform options in an effort to champion the individuality of its employees.The British airline announced in a press release on Wednesday that cabin crew, pilots, and ground staff can select which uniform they feel most comfortable in – “no matter their gender, gender identity, or gender expression.” Optional pronoun badges will also become available for crew and passengers.The red and burgundy staff uniforms, created by British designer Vivienne Westwood, will no longer be categorized under “male” and “female,” a Virgin Atlantic spokesperson told CNN on Wednesday.Juha Jarvinen, Virgin Atlantic’s chief commercial officer, said in the press release that the company believes it’s important to encourage people to “embrace their individuality and be their true selves at work.”Jarvinen added: “It is for that reason that we want to allow our people to wear the uniform that best suits them and how they identify and ensure our customers are addressed by their preferred pronouns.”Michelle Visage, a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, who showcased the uniform alongside staff, welcomed the move.“As the mother of a non-binary child, and as an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, these efforts by Virgin Atlantic to further inclusivity for its people are extremely important and personal to me,” she said in the press release. “People feel empowered when they are wearing what best represents them, and this gender identity policy allows people to embrace who they are and bring their full selves to work.”Virgin Atlantic said the changes are part of a wider series of initiatives under its “Be Yourself” agenda.The long-haul carrier has also changed its ticketing system.
REPORT: Pilots Miss Airport After Falling Asleep Mid-Flight
(CNN) -- Two pilots are believed to have fallen asleep and missed their landing during a flight from Sudan to Ethiopia on Monday, according to a report by commercial aviation news site Aviation Herald.The incident took place on board an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-800 en route from Khartoum to Addis Ababa, the report said, “when the pilots fell asleep” and “the aircraft continued past the top of descent.”Data obtained by the website indicates that the aircraft was cruising at 37,000 feet on autopilot when it failed to descend at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, its scheduled destination, on August 15.Air traffic control were apparently unable to reach the crew despite making several attempts at contact. However, an alarm was triggered when the plane overshot the runway and continued along the route.The aircraft subsequently began to descend, landing safely around 25 minutes later.Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) data shows the aircraft overflying the runway, before beginning its descent and maneuvering for another approach.“We have received a report which indicates Ethiopian flight number ET343 en route from Khartoum to Addis Ababa temporarily lost communication with Addis Ababa Air Traffic Control on 15 August 2022,” reads a statement issued by Ethiopian Airlines on Friday.“The flight later landed safely after communication was restored.