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Research finds young men are more ravenous than ever for older guys. Is gay ageism a thing of the past?

Daddies of a Different Kind: Sex and Romance Between Older and Younger Adult Gay Men, author and researcher Tony Silva analyzes the stories of gay and bisexual daddies in a qualitative research project, interviewing 39 older men and 26 younger men about their May/December relationships.Much to his surprise, Silva learned the desire for younger queer men to partner with much older queer men has skyrocketed, directly contradicting old narratives that ageism is rampant in gay culture. In an exclusive interview, he speaks to Queerty about why young gay men are so ravenous for daddies, and what makes these relationships so meaningful to both parties involved. Check out what he had to say…Queerty: Congratulations on the book and the study. What fascinated me most about it was that not only are gay daddies being more accepted on dating apps, but they might possibly be getting more attention than non-daddies. What created “daddy mania” out there?SILVA: For a large segment of the gay community, there is major interest right now in older men and daddies.

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