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PHOTOS: Birthday boy Omar Ayuso’s style evolution over the years

Titanic ruled the box office, and Elite hottie Omar Ayuso was born over in Madrid, Spain.Feel old yet?While time is flying by, today is a great day to celebrate the Spanish star’s 26th birthday. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Omar! They really do grow up so fast!Omar Ayuso via Instagram. pic.twitter.com/vonXUO9G93A post shared by Omar Ayuso (@omarayuso)A post shared by Omar Ayuso (@omarayuso)Of course, we’ve been huge fans of Ayuso’s work ever since he became part of our favorite Netflix binge when Elite premiered back in 2018.His character of Omar Sanaa, a closeted gay Muslim, quickly became a fan-favorite as he first developed a relationship with Ander Muñoz (played by the handsome Arón Piper), a star athlete at the show’s prestigious high school, Las Encinas.Over the course of the series, Omar came out out, transferred to Las Encinas, enjoyed a ménage à trois with Ander and Patrick (the one and only Manu Ríos), helped solve some of the show’s wildest mysteries, and showed the world how to rock a unibrow like a true style king.Manu Rios, Arón Piper e Omar Ayuso em novo teaser de #Elite4 https://t.co/G19db67cuAA post shared by Omar Ayuso (@omarayuso)A post shared by Omar Ayuso (@omarayuso)Ahead of Elite‘s upcoming eighth and final season, Ayuso opened up about how much his life has changed since first garnering international fame at the age of 20 in 2018.“Everything has changed, of course,” he told Queerty last year.

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