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Lily Collins Shares Predictions for the Future of 'Emily in Paris' (Exclusive)

Lily Collins had her druthers,  would be like the Energizer Bunny. The show would keep going and going and going beyond season 4.Speaking to ET's Denny Directo on Monday at the Academy of Museum of Motion Pictures for the ninth annual Breakthrough Prize Ceremony, the 34-year-old actress opened up a bit about what fans can expect in season 4 and if she can see the show go beyond that. Season 3 ended in December, and while season 4 was long ago renewed there's still no word on when fans can expect it to stream it.Collins, who deftly portrayed the marketing genius Emily Cooper, says she doesn't know how Emily's story will unfold in season 4 but fans can expect a lot of what makes the show so riveting. «I just know, obviously, the many cliffhangers, and there's multiple ways in which it could go,» she says.

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