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Abercrombie & Fitch’s ex-CEO accused of exploiting male models at sex parties in bombshell investigation

Netflix documentary called White Hot detailed the rise and fall of Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F), the popular fast fashion brand that became mired in claims of racism and sexual harassment, all pointing back to its former CEO, Michael Jeffries.Now, the BBC reports that a number of men have come forward to accuse Jeffries and his partner Matthew Smith of sexual exploitation and abuse at parties they hosted between 2009 and 2015, meaning this story is far from over.In the network’s investigative documentary series, Panorama, a new episode titled “The Abercrombie Guys: The Dark Side Of Cool” delves into the allegations made against Jeffries and Smith, speaking with men who say they were recruited to take part in so-called “sex events” where they were taken advantage of, uncovering a “highly organized network of abuse.”Once one of America’s highest paid CEOs, Jeffries ran A&F for over two decades (he stepped down in ’14), turning it into a multi-billion-dollar retailer known for its preppy clothing and highly sexualized (and homoerotic) branding.According to the BBC report, it was during this time that the mogul and his partner allegedly worked with a middleman who would recruit young men to attend parties at their New York residence and hotels around the globe where they were exploited for sex.The victims describe the middleman as someone who “had a missing nose covered with a snakeskin patch,” whom the BBC identified as James Jacobson.Jacobson denies any wrongdoing, stating that these men went into these events and parties “with their eyes wide open.” However, as the investigation details, many of the men claim they were intentionally misled.“Half the men who told the BBC about their recruitment alleged they had been initially misled about the nature of the events or not told sex was involved,” writes correspondent Rianna Croxford. “Others said they understood the events would be sexual, but not exactly what was expected of them.

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