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‘Straight’ guy says he pretends to be gay on Grindr to find gym partners, but nobody’s buying it

Nobody appears to be buying the far-fetched tale of the straight guy browsing Grindr “just for lulz,” and now one man may have more on his mind than whether or not to skip leg day.Taking to the Reddit workout sub r/moreplatesmoredates, the man explained he “downloaded Grindr” and uploaded a photo of himself “just for lulz and realized all these thirsty gay men were messaging me.” Well, yeah, that’s kind of how it works…He decided to “take advantage of the opportunity” and seek out some new gym partners on the app.Related: A “straight” guy caught feelings for his new gym bro & was shocked by his response“Well I met with one guy at the gym and he’s spotting me in my heavy sets and also encouraging me to go heavy and finish my sets,” he continued. “It’s awesome and we get to be efficient with our workouts and able to get machines or dumbbells easily sharing, then we go to the sauna and shower together.”Now he’s wondering if he owes his gym buddy an explanation.“I feel kinda bad because he probably thinks we will eventually f*ck but I told him straight up I’m only looking for friends I didn’t tel him I’m straight tho… Should I tell him?”If he was hoping for a simple yes or no answer, he came to the wrong place.“You downloaded Grindr and met up with a man from said app.

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