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What are the sexiest smells? Gays reveal the scents that drive them wild

sense? We meant scents.Gay men discussed the “sexiest smells” in a recent Reddit discussion, naming the olfactory experiences that get their engines revving.As you might imagine, many of the commenters said they love sniffing musk, both the natural and the sprayed-on varieties.Here are other smells that get Redditors’ nostrils—and certain other body parts—going into overdrive.“Natural man smells, pits, crotch.”“Just-showered smell on a really cold night when you get under the warm covers and it hits you with the body heat.”“The first guy I spent the night with, I woke up with my face in his left armpit, and I’ve kind of imprinted on that. Clean but not recently showered man musk, omg.”“That lovely halfway point when the deodorant is wearing off, and the musk is creeping into it.”“Natural crotch and armpits are the best. I agree with the musk part that everyone mentions.”“Some people seem to think that all body smells are body odor.

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