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With sex worker drama ‘xXPonyBoyDerekXx,’ is the next great gay story airing on… OnlyFans?

new movies and TV shows dropping every week.But, lucky for you, the next can’t-miss gay drama? It’s airing on a platform we’d bet you’re already using: OnlyFans.That’s right, xXPonyBoyDerekXx—described as a “a boundary-breaking digital play fusing theater, film, and mixed digital media into an epic multi-week online event”—is coming very soon to a phone screen near you. It’s story will play out across the internet, both on the subscriber-based content creator site and X (formerly known as Twitter.)Per Deadline, the piece comes from playwright Gage Tarlton (who co-directs alongside Carlos Cardona), and is executive produced by queer trailblazer John Cameron Mitchell, the man behind classics like Hedwig And The Angry Inch and Shortbus.Plus, how he’s preparing to become Joe Exotic.The protagonist is the titular “PonyBoyDerek,” who self-describes as an “18 year old twink looking to have fun and fulfill all your needs.” Through real-time posts on X and OnlyFans, audiences will be able to follow the young creator as he “navigates a fraught path of autonomy, capitalism, sexuality, and survival amid the demands of physical commodification in a virtual world.”PonyBoyDerek remains anonymous thanks to the use of an orange ski mask, but producers tease he’s “an up-and-coming viral internet star,” whose real identity won’t be revealed until the drama’s final scenes.

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