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Por favor, Dios, ayúdame a dejar de extrañarla

Hace unos años estaba viendo memes de psicoterapia en Instagram cuando Hannah apareció en mis solicitudes de amistad. Teníamos nuevos apellidos y nueva apariencia. Yo había decidido que, como tenía que usar pelucas de todos modos (al ser judía ultraortodoxa), también podían ser rubias en lugar de optar mi castaño apagado natural.

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Meme shows how our founding fathers were really our drag mothers
A perennially popular meme quote reminds us that the United States was built on drag: “If you think it’s weird for grown men to put on wigs, heels, rouge, and stockings… I have bad news for you about the founding fathers.”Happy Fourth ??— Amy Siskind ???? (@Amy_Siskind) July 4, 2021Related: Cookie metaphor perfectly shuts down religious objections to same-sex marriageIndeed, powdered wigs were an indicator of wealth around the time those 56 dudes signed the Declaration of Independence, according to Mental Floss, and the American Battlefield Trust reports that John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe all wore wigs.And yes, men also wore rouge in the 1700s, per Gizmodo. Just look at that famous portrait of George Washington, and you’ll see some suspiciously rosy cheeks.Related: This is the perfect clapback for the idea that gayness is a ‘choice’Anyway, there’s no word on the mastermind behind this meme, but it appeared on iFunny back in 2019, and it’s been quoted on social media countless times since.In fact, Paul Deasy, the mayor of Flagstaff, Arizona, tweeted a version of the quote in 2021, as he told his populace that the drag-queen story hour at the local library would continue.Drag Queen Story Hour at the Library will continue.
Are the straights OK? Let’s find out.
A post shared by Heterosexuality Is Ghetto (@ghetterosexuals)With the new season of Netflix’s Love is Blind hitting, we’re once again confronted with a question that has been floating around the internet for some time now: “Are the straights OK?” That phrase has served as a kind of shorthand for every question we’ve had about the oftentimes fascinating, sometimes cringe-worthy, and maybe even unsettling memes, tweets, and TikTok videos to have ever come out of Straight World™. It’s also the name of a hugely popular subreddit that serves as a repository for some of the most puzzling content out there, as well as queer-made memes that distill all our concerns about what in the world straight people are even getting at. At first glance, the “Are the straights OK?” memes might seem hyperbolic – mean-spirited, even. But look deeper and you might find that these outlandish behaviors might even suggest that, perhaps, a good number of cisgender heterosexual people still carry questionable and sometimes downright harmful perceptions about gender, sexuality, and relationships. Let’s take a deep dive into the rabbit hole of the “Are the straights OK” meme to figure out whether the straights are actually okay – and whether we might not be asking this question enough. RELATED: Texas officials investigate family for “child abuse” just because they have a trans daughterIt doesn’t take a very long time on the subreddit to realize that a lot of cis-hetero memes have an underlying theme of toxic masculinity.