Mitch McConnell: Last News


Melania’s claws come out, Biden’s genius move & Mitch McConnell’s epic demise

Milo Ventimiglia playing a gay teen in a ’90s film and Marcello Hernandez’s booty shorts took over everyone’s social media feeds this week, the political power players were busy doing all sorts of things while nobody was looking. Here’s just a few of the stories that you really need to know about it…MAGA WIG SNATCH: Like a Mar-a-Lago Cinderella, Ivanka Trump‘s cold war with her evil stepmother Melania was even nastier than we thought, according to this scathing new tell-all. [Read all about it on Queerty]KARMA IS A…: Anti-LGBTQ+ right-wing loon Lauren Boebert railed about the “Biden Crime Family” just moments before her 18-year-old son was arrested on a major crime spree.

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