Olivia Newton-John: Last News


Todrick, Tove, & Tia keep us on our toes, Olivia Newton-John lives on, & more: Your weekly bop roundup

the Met Gala, hissy fits over drag queens, and approval of even more anti-LGBTQ legislation… and that was just this week! To be queer in this country is hard enough, but the emotional whiplash of wanting to kiki about your favorite looks or needing space to breathe from so much vitriol can feel like a rollercoaster.This is reflected in this week’s new music roundup, with two of our favorite queer artists delivering some solid dancefloor hits, mixed with some acoustic renditions from a certain favorite alternative pop girl, and a touching posthumous release from a musical legend. Take a break and check out some of this week’s latest releases below in this week’s edition of “bop after bop“Todrick Hall has released an epic music video featuring none other than the HBIC herself, Tiffany “New York” Pollard.

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