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Virtual festing: Here are 5 must-stream titles from the Outfest Fusion film festival

officially springtime? Because the Outfest Fusion Film Festival is back!Now in its 20th year, Outfest Fusion is Los Angeles’ premiere film fest dedicated to QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous and People of Color) artists and filmmakers, and this year it’s bigger than ever.For this special anniversary celebration, the fest will honor The Inspection writer-director Elegance Bratton with its Fusion Achievement Award, in addition to activist and filmmaker Bird Runningwater with the Fusion Impact Award.It will also be home to 23 world premieres, and play host to other highly anticipated screenings, like documentaries The Stroll and Little Richard: I Am Everything, both of which were met with positive buzz out of Sundance.Beginning Friday, March 24, Fusion offers an incredible lineup of events, workshops, and film screenings—a number of which will be available to stream virtually from home.With that in mind, below you can find our guide to five streaming titles from Outfest Fusion ’23 that you won’t want to miss.And, for a glimpse of the full festival schedule—featuring a special QTBIPOC Town Hall, a party with Mykki Blanco, and a first-ever Family Day—head here.“After 10 months of a self-imposed lockdown, Francisco wants to have sex. In this sweet, raw, and honest dramedy, filmmaker Fábio Leal explores what it means to be sexually-liberated and queer during an apocalyptic event, which should hit close to home as our collective trauma from COVID-19 still ripples through society.”For in-person and virtual screening tickets, head here.“For its opening night, Outfest Fusion has assembled a selection of shorts that showcases the scope and depth of its program’s talent.

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A county hall or shire hall is a common name given to a building that houses the seat of local government for a county. The location of the county hall has usually denoted the county town. In the case of Surrey, England, when county boundaries changed the county hall remained in Kingston upon Thames. County halls usually contain a council chamber, committee rooms and offices.