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Madonna fans outraged after Lizzo calls Janet Jackson “Queen of Pop”

Lizzo dared to suggest that Janet Jackson is ‘Queen of Pop’.In a tweet listing some of her favorite performers, Lizzo (‘Juice’, ‘Rumors’), listed Janet as “Queen of Pop,” brother Michael as “King of Pop”, Justin Bieber as “Prince of Pop”, Britney Spears as “Princess of Pop” and Beyoncé as “Queen of music.”King of Pop- Michael Jackson Queen of Pop- Janet JacksonPrince of pop- Bieber Princess of Pop- Britney Spears The Pop princess- RihannaQueen of music- Beyonce https://t.co/98Zq8ZOH25— ALL THE RUMORS ARE TRUE (@lizzo) August 29, 2021Although “Queen of pop” should probably be interpreted as a subjective choice depending on one’s personal preferences, some Madonna fans were very quick to make their displeasure known.Madonna is the queen of

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