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Kristi Noem jets off to Paris with Corey Lewandowski, who she swears she’s not having an affair with

Donald Trump‘s rumored 2024 running mate is currently in Paris, France attending a conference called “World Freedom Initiative: Stand, Speak and Act of Your Freedom”, which aims to bring together “like-minded conservative, patriotic and center right leaders from across the political spectrum together to create strong and lasting ties.”A post shared by @wfi_2023Despite claiming to be conference for people “across the political spectrum” with an emphasis on the “center right”, pretty much all of the keynote speakers booked at the summit fall into the extreme right and deeply anti-LGBTQ+ categories.Noem is joined by a number of other right wingnuts, including:Cow-suing Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes…A post shared by @wfi_2023Pro-conversion therapy Brexit bonehead Nigel Farage…A post shared by @wfi_2023Gay-hating former Moms 4 Liberty spokesperson Quisha King…A post shared by @wfi_2023And… Corey Lewandowski???

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