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Anti-vax protesters are getting trolled with orgy-loving, gay cowboys

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Cowboy orgies have officially entered the political discourse.In what’s been branded the #RamRanchResistance, an explicit metal song about horny cowboys is being used to troll anti-vax truck drivers in Canada.In January, thousands of truckers rolled into Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates for cross-border truck drivers.

Hundreds of drivers calling themselves the “freedom convoy” remain encamped in the city’s downtown core, disrupting daily life for residents.Now the so-called “freedom convoy” is being bombarded with Grant MacDonald’s 2012 song, “Ram Ranch.” Counterprotesters have infiltrated the group’s chat on walkie-talkie app Zello and are blasting the track.Lyrics include:18 more wild cowboys out in the yard!

Big, bulging c**ks ever so hard! Orgy in the showers at Ram Ranch! Big, hard throbbing c**ks ramming cowboy butt!According to Katarina, a PhD student at a university in Ottawa and one of the leaders of the #RamRanchResistance, life in Ottawa since the convoy rolled in has “been hell.”“We’re watching destruction of property, harassment, people getting up in locals’ faces and telling them to take their masks off,” she told Rolling Stone.“It’s a deeply conservative belief system infiltrating our city,” she added.

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