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Australian school asked parents to sign contract saying homosexuality ‘is a sin’

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The Guardian reported overnight the school had withdrawn its decision.That came after significant pressure was placed on the college when Australian prime minister Scott Morrison said he ‘did not agree with’ the use of the contract.In a letter to students and families, Mr Mulheran said the school would work with the community to update the contract, but withdrew the old one.A statement posted on the college website said the school would ‘continue to ensure that families are provided with information that is necessary to make informed choices about … our approach to teaching’.‘We deeply regret that some students feel that they would be discriminated against because of their sexuality or gender identity, and I apologise to them and their families on behalf of the college,’ it said.‘As stated previously, the college does not and will not discriminate against any student because of their sexuality or gender identity.

It is central to our faith that being gay or transgender in no way diminishes a person’s humanity or dignity in God’s eyes.‘It is also deeply distressing that some of our students have been vilified in the community simply for their religious beliefs or because they attend the college.’Despite being pleased over the retraction, former student Felicity Myers said there is ‘still so much more to be done’ to address the school’s culture in an interview following the decision.‘I wish I could say it will be fine, that kids will go to school on Monday and everything will be fine and none of these teachings will be brought up, [but] unfortunately, I don’t believe this is a change that will come overnight,’ she told The Project.‘Knowing how cultures work in an environment like that… it is going to take a lot of time.Sor.

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