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Australian football club condemns fans for “unacceptable” homophobic behaviour

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The Adelaide City FC have said they are “no longer” tolerating homophobic fans that attend their games. On 11 March, chairman Greg Griffin released a lengthy statement via social media condemning fans’ actions.  “I am deeply concerned as to the conduct and behaviour of the supporters that border from being inappropriate to disgraceful,” he wrote.  “It is with embarrassment that I report that the recent conduct of some Adelaide City supporters has been completely unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated by this club.”  He then described the fans’ recent anti-LGBTQ+ interactions with Campbelltown and Cumberland players as “disgraceful abuse.”  “This is not something that the club will tolerate now being made aware of what has been said by so called supporters of the club to opposing teams and players,” he continued.  “The FSA rules on player and supporter conduct are clear.

We all know them and must respect them. Those that do not either take the time to know them or respect them are no longer welcome at Oakden.

It is simple as that.” Griffin also revealed that some of the homophobic fans were identified by the FSA and were banned from the stadium.  “Unless fans and spectators are prepared to comply with the FSA Codes which Adelaide City embraces without question, then to be blunt you are no longer welcome here,” he wrote.

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