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GLAAD to Grade Film Studios on Political Donations and Advocacy Around LGBTQ Issues

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Human Rights Campaign and employees at Pixar, GLAAD announced on Thursday that it will begin grading Hollywood studios on their record of LGBTQ advocacy and not just on their content.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek initially proposed that Disney did not need to enter the political arena to fight anti-gay legislation, but would be changing the world for the better with its “inspiring content.”The media monitoring organization already produces a Studio Responsibility Index, which analyzes queer representation in releases by eight major film studio distributors: Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, STX Films, United Artists Releasing, Universal Pictures, The Walt Disney Studios, and Warner Bros.

The group will now grade studios on these four additional issues:• Donations to anti-LGBTQ elected officials, candidates for office, and anti-LGBTQ Political Action Committees from a film studio and parent company.• Public advocacy efforts from a film studio or parent company around pro-LGBTQ or anti-LGBTQ legislation.• LGBTQ-inclusive ads or other public communications, especially outside of Pride month.

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