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Matt Damon Did NOT Recently Use The F-Word + Gov. Cuomo DID Sexually Harass 11 Women + NYC Will Require Vaccines For Many + MTV @ 40 + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: This is Narcissus. BELOW: Keep reading for Matt Damon's clarification, Cuomo's sexual harassment revealed, eBay employees' reign of terror against two critics and more ...

No, it wasn't weird Stillwater promo. (Image via video still) VARIETY: An important clarification from Matt Damon — he never used faggot privately, and didn't just stop using it in his private life.

Rather, he was talking to his daughter about the way it was used in not-so-distant years, and brought up his 2003 movie. Very different from what was reported, and his full-throated clarification and pledge to stand with LGBTQ people is much appreciated.

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