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A Truvada Prescription Got This Guy Labeled a 'High-Risk Homosexual'

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“Yeah. Almost every night for the last two weeks.”One of her eyebrows went up. The movement looked rehearsed, like a trick she’d learned in medical school meant to convey the proper level of concern.

Everything about this visit had a trace of acting to it. I requested a drug I didn’t technically need. She responded by reading questions off a script. “Do you prefer to give or receive?” she’d asked during my last visit, as if the question weren’t about anal but my philosophy on Christmas.She sighed and turned to her computer, presumably to check whether nightmares were a symptom of the medication she’d prescribed me.

Privately I scolded myself for bringing them up. They weren’t supposed to become A Thing, not when my being here was already A Thing.I was one of her first patients on Truvada, commonly known as PrEP, the one-a-day antiviral pill that has been shown to reduce your risk of HIV infection by nearly 100 percent.

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