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Gay referee David Gough praises GAA’s progress on LGBTQ+ inclusion

David Gough has praised the GAA for its progress in becoming more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community. The openly gay referee made the comments on Thursday, June 8, while appearing as an ambassador at the launch of SuperValu’s ‘Wear with Pride’ laces campaign.Speaking about the improvements made in the GAA since 2019, Gough described it as “the greatest transformation of an Association to do with LGBTQ+ rights”.He supported his claim by pointing to several achievements and actions of the organisation over the past four years, including appointing a Diversity and Inclusion officer, allowing members to march in Pride, and taking part in inclusive initiatives such as SuperValu’s laces campaign. “Just to see that it has moved on so much in such a positive way is a great thing for me to see personally but also for the Association that it’s increasing its visibility within the LGBTQ+ community,” he continued.“The GAA, like the LGBTQ+ community, it’s a community-based organisation, and they should be doing their best to promote community matters…The GAA permeates every level of Irish society, no matter of class, social standing, sexuality, religion, race.

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