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Disney star Karan Brar comes out as bisexual in powerful personal essay

op-ed for Teen Vogue about his struggles with mental health and embracing his identity.The 24-year-old actor is perhaps best known for playing Chirag Gupta in the Diary of A Wimpy Kid film series, and Ravi Ross in the popular Disney Channel series, Jessie, and its spinoff, Bunk’d.Though Brar has been acting steadily since 2010—when he was still in his pre-teens—he admits it hasn’t always been easy, writing in Teen Vogue about reckoning with the gap between who we knew he was and who he thought everyone else wanted him to be.A post shared by Karan Brar (@karanbrar)In the vulnerable and inspiring piece, the young performer details how his career had strained his relationship with his parents and led him to compartmentalize much of his life. “There was public Karan and private Karan,” he says.

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