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Watch: Chasten Buttigieg Says He’s Not Expecting an Apology From Mike Pence Over Homophobic ‘Joke’

Chasten Buttigieg says Mike Pence is not practicing what he preaches, calling out the former Trump vice president’s hypocrisy of portraying himself as a man of “family values” while attacking his husband, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and their infant twins – and he says he’s not waiting around for an apology.Last weekend Pence gave a speech at the closed door Gridiron Club Dinner, saying the Secretary of Transportation had taken “maternity leave” but it was America who got “postpartum depression.” Pence has been highly criticized for both the homophobia and misogyny of his remarks.“The thing about what he said is, it flies in the face of what he says he is. He says he’s a family values Republican,” Buttigieg said on ABC’s “The View” Thursday (video below.)“So I don’t think he’s practicing what he preaches,” Buttigieg continued.