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Latino, Jewish and Gay: Joe Vogel Would Bring Diversity to Congress

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Metro Weekly, citing his priorities.“I got to the legislature, and, right off the bat, delivered on major legislation to address the mental health crisis, the fentanyl overdose epidemic, and the surge in hate crimes,” he says of his legislative triumphs, which were aided by the state’s Democratic majority and an amenable ally in Democratic Gov.

Wes Moore.  “We got big things done right away. And that’s the attitude that I’ll bring to Congress. Right now in our politics, the ability to deliver [on promises] is something I think folks are really eager and hungry for. “The other issue here is that, when you look at the threats that we’re facing as a country and the challenges that we’re facing — whether it’s the attacks on our democracy, the reversal of fundamental rights, the climate crisis, the gun violence epidemic, the mental health crisis — these are issues that don’t give us time to wait because every day we wait, the problems get worse and worse and worse.

And for four decades, Congress has failed to take action. I think we need a new generation of leaders with new ideas, with new energy, with courage to be able to deliver on these fronts.

We can’t afford to wait 10 to 15 more years.”Vogel counters voter skepticism by noting that he has delivered on promises during his short time in office.“I also don’t accept the idea that just because you get elected, that you’re suddenly you’re suddenly going to compromise on the reasons that you got there in the first place,” he says. “For me, the reason that I’m running for Congress is to get things done.

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