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Nine years ago, it was Lady Gaga’s “Applause” vs. Katy Perry’s “Roar”—but which ended up on top?

anthropologists on Twitter have pointed out, today marks the 9-year anniversary of a monumental day in pop culture: It’s the day both Lady Gaga and Katy Perry debuted the lead singles for their third and fourth albums, respectively.It may seem hyperbolic to call the day “monumental” in retrospect, but the dual releases had the music world buzzing. Two megawatt stars giving us a first taste of their new eras? Both following up massively successful, generation-defining albums? Media outlets covered it with a frenzy, writing of a pop chart “smackdown” and wondering who will win “The Battle Of The Comebacks.”It was such a moment, that Glee even staged a Gaga/Katy debate of its own in its fifth season!9 years ago this week, @KatyPerry and @LadyGaga created a pop culture moment with the release of their singles “Roar” and “Applause.” It even inspired an entire episode of ‘Glee’ titled ‘A Katy Or A Gaga.’Despite the comparisons, the stars showed love to each other on Twitter.

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Lea Michele might want to stay off Twitter today
Famed theatrical abuser Lea Michele has been cast in the Funny Girl revival on Broadway, and the effects have been wildly polarizing.Her turn as Fanny Brice was both mythologized and forewarned by her Glee character Rachel Berry’s fascination with the show.As if in an act of prophecy, Berry landed the lead in Glee‘s fictional Funny Girl revival — a revival written into the show some seven years before the real life return was ever announced.The rub comes in the flurry — nay, avalanche — of accusations that broke during the Black Lives Matter protest era in 2020 that detailed Michele’s extensive mistreating of multiple cast and crew members of nearly every show she’s ever worked on.Related: 5 celebrities who totally won’t be at Lea Michele’s ‘Funny Girl’ premiereGlee, Spring Awakening, The Mayor, Scream Queens, even Ragtime decades ago: Michele’s career has allegedly left a trail of dozens of people feeling harassed, bullied, and even faced with anti-Black discrimination.Yet, even with her major public reckoning, she’s still been offered her role of a lifetime.Needless to say, many people are NOT happy:Lea Michele is proof that if you don’t change or learn even a single thing when faced with your reprehensible behavior, all of your wildest dreams can come true!! Stay the course!!— Cody Wimmer (@Cody_Wimmer) July 11, 2022If Lea Michele proves anything is that:Cancel culture is not realBeing white and racist means you can still achieve your dreams!— Valerie Complex (@ValerieComplex) July 11, 2022for those of you outside the glee world, the lea michele replacing beanie is our infinity war but specifically when thanos looks up and says you should have gone for the head— sifu hotman (@cjfeisty) July 11,
Towie’s Demi Sims: Glee’s Santana and Brittany were my Heartstopper: ‘It made me feel more accepted’
In 2022, Heartstopper arrived on Netflix, and everything changed.It was an absolute gift for LGBTQ+ teens and young people, centering around two teenage boys who figure out their feelings for each other, without any death, disaster or gratuitous cruelty.For LGBTQ+ people who had grown up before, positive representation of same-sex couples were rare – but they did exist, and they were vital.As Pride month comes to a close, are catching up with LGBTQ+ people about the on-screen romances that meant everything to them growing up.We’ve had Skins’ Emily and Naomi, Six Feet Under’s Keith and David, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Willow and Tara.Today we speak to The Only Way Is Essex star Demi Sims, who came out as bisexual at 19 and has been open, honest and unapologetic about her sexuality since.Demi has offered brilliant bisexual representation as fans watched her date and fall in love with girls on reality TV, including on Celebs Go Dating and Eating With My Ex.Demi, 25, didn’t have Heartstopper as a closeted teenager, but she did have something else: Santana and Brittany in Glee.They began as friends, moving on to friends with benefits before starting a proper romantic relationship before, finally, getting married in a double same-sex wedding alongside Kurt and Blaine.The marriage episode aired in February 2015 – before same-sex marriage was even legal in the United States.Demi found it ‘so important’ to find a show where ‘love is love no matter what gender’Reality star Demi discovered Glee when she was ‘so young’, and was entranced by the way it portrayed same-sex couples and LGBTQ+ characters, particularly Santana and Brittany.‘When I was a teenager and I wasn’t out yet, watching that was like the first gay,