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Security Guard Charged with Sexually Assaulting Trans Woman

WSVN. The report says the victim told him to stop, but he continued and turned her over, pulling down her pants and penetrating her. Eventually he stopped, and she was able to pull up her pants and leave the bathroom.According to the police report, the woman and her friends later confronted Cavani, who reportedly responded, “I’m sorry, I thought it was cool,” to which the victim reportedly replied, “I kept on telling you no.”The trans woman went to Miami police headquarters to file a police report.Police later interviewed Cavani, who told officers he believed the encounter had been consensual, and sought to explain what had happened in the stall, claiming he would never force himself on anyone, according to Miami ABC affiliate WPLG.According to the police report, Cavani said the pair went by the bathrooms to a corner to make out, at which point he began touching her through her clothing.

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