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Wellesley College Votes to Admit Trans Male and Nonbinary Applicants

CBS News.In a March 6 letter to students prior to the referendum, Wellesley President Paula Johnson reiterated that the school will move forward with “our mission as a women’s college,” arguing that recent developments have underscored the need for women-only spaces.“For nearly 150 years, Wellesley’s mission has been to provide an excellent liberal arts education to women who will make a difference in the world,” wrote Johnson. “Events of the last few years — including a pandemic that has had a disproportionate economic impact on women, especially women of color, new restrictions on reproductive health and freedom in the United States, and attacks on women’s rights and education across the globe — have shown that this mission is as urgent as ever.“Wellesley was founded on the then-radical idea that educating women of all socioeconomic backgrounds leads to progress for everyone.

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