Same-sex marriage: Last News


Meet the handsome Greek politician who could become the country’s first gay prime minister

still doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage.So, it came as a shock when, over the weekend, gay entrepreneur Stefanos Kasselakis was elected as the leader of Greece’s left-leaning opposition party, Syriza, becoming the first openly LGBTQ+ individual to hold the position in the organization’s history.Even more unprecedented is the fact that, at 35, Kasselakis is relatively young and inexperienced, a former businessman labeled as a “political outsider.” International news outlets like The Guardian have heralded his out-of-nowhere victory as “stunning,” while Al Jazeera reports that some see it “as a breath of fresh air for a [struggling] party.”A post shared by Stefanos Kasselakis (@skasselakis)Born in Greece in a town northeast of Athens, Kasselakis would eventually accept a scholarship that moved him to the U.S. to attend Phillips Academy prep school in Massachusetts.

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