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Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis’ shady behavior sends him back to court with another scandal looming

ABC News has more:Stay woke with our briefing while staying informed on all things LGBTQ+ entertainment, life, and more!“[Desguin] alleges his retirement in November was actually a “wrongful termination” and was the result of him blowing the whistle on a host of issues, including violations of state public records laws, illegal orders to arrest demonstrators without probable cause and directives to obtain photos and personal information of migrants flown to the Sunshine State without legal justification.In particular, Desguin’s suit points to an order received from DeSantis through a senior official about obtaining “photographs, biometric data, and any other pertinent information” from migrants upon their arrival at a Florida airport. Desguin says he told the governor’s office the FDLE couldn’t legally conduct name checks, take photographs or collect data without a criminal predicate or reasonable suspicion.

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