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‘Trance’ author teases sexy new comic, talks gay X-Men, & shares an exclusive preview

A post shared by Joey Capuana (@joeychristmas)Look out, homophobes; there are some new queer heroes in town—and their mugs are beat for the gods!This Pride Month, indie publisher Scout Comics is unveiling Trance, a brand new series about a hot Savannah, GA drag bar that’s secretly run by a coven of powerful queer witches.Created by writer Joey Capuana, illustrated by Pablo Collar, and colored by Julio Rojas, Trance is a comic aimed at adult audiences that’s part suspenseful mystery, part supernatural adventure, and totally gay.At its center is Altar, a drag queen gifted in the occult, who finds herself suspect number one when her ex goes missing, getting herself tangled up in a citywide hunt for a homophobic serial kill. Luckily, she doesn’t have to go it alone, and is aided by her super-powered nightclub co-workers, including a go-go who has mind-control abilities that make life more complicated than you’d think.Before Trance hits shelves in June (you can pre-order now via Scout Comics), Queerty chatted up creator Joey Capuana to learn all about the inspirations behind this exciting new story, why he didn’t hold back with the sex and nudity, and why the X-Men were an important part of his queer awakening.Below, check out our interview with Capuana, and then scroll down for an exclusive preview of the first pages of Trance # 1.What was the earliest spark of an idea for Trance? What ultimately inspired you to create this world and turn it into a comic?Years ago, I kept meeting queer people who told me they were witches, people who practiced spells and tarot, and who believed in astrology—one even told me he’d caused the most recent LA earthquake.