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Court Blocks Same-Sex Marriage in Bermuda and Cayman Islands

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Bermuda’s and the Cayman Islands' governments over blocking same-sex marriage.The U.K.’s Privy Council is the final court of appeals for several Caribbean islands that are British territories, according to the Associated Press.

It sided not only with Bermuda’s government in making same-sex marriage illegal for a third time, but also found that queer people don’t have a right to same-sex marriage based on the Cayman Islands’ constitution.Activists had hoped that a favorable ruling would assist in creating a more LGBTQ-friendly sentiment in the region, which is known for its traditional stances on same-sex marriage.

As the AP notes, colonial-era antisodomy laws are still in the law books.“It’s taken us some time to get here. ... We’ve had to jump over a few hurdles.

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