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Review: The Classics Theatre Project’s ‘Look Back in Anger’ pits mixed feelings against strong cast

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From left: Braden Socia, Devon Rose, Rhonda Rose and Joey Folsom as the cast of ‘Look Back in Anger’ by The Classics Theatre Project. (Courtesy photo) There is a lot of anger in The Classics Theatre Project production of Look Back in Anger.

The John Osborne play focuses on a 30-something-ish couple Jimmy (TCTP’s artistic director Joey Folsom) and Alison (Devon Rose) in 1950s England.

They live a fairly bleak existence with his friend Cliff (Braden Socia)  in a stodgy apartment. The dynamics are muddled with Jimmy as the self-proclaimed intellectual, Alison as his suffering wife and Cliff who seems to have put himself in the middle with clear affection for her and his loyalty to his friend.

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