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Drag Race season 13: Which queen will be left off the runway in episode 3?

Before we sashay into the werkroom for episode 3 Mother Ru and company have dropped a sneak peek at what to expect. The clip opens up with the queens discussing the shocking twist of episode 2 while giving praise to Symone for winning the first maxi challenge.

RuPaul shocked the competitors and viewers when she revealed that none of the queens would be eliminated. The topic of conversation eventually lands on the Porkchop queens from episode 1.

Tina Burner boldly asks Elliott with 2 Ts which of those queens she would send home, with the latter saying “I would be happy seeing them all go home.” Elliott with 2 Ts was “sent home” after Tamisha Iman, Kahmora Hall, Joey Jay, Rosé, Denali and Utica Queen unanimously voted her out.

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