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Texas Realtor Helps At-Risk LGBTQ+ Homeowners Flee Texas

A man in Texas is offering to help at-risk LGBTQ+ homeowners flee the Lone Star state.Flee Texas is the brainchild of gay Dallas realtor Bob McCranie, who runs Texas Pride Realty. He set up Flee Texas to help other LGBTQ+ homeowners in the state not just sell their homes, but also connect them with LGBTQ+ or affirming realtors in other states to help them purchase a new home.“I’ve been in Texas since 1987 and I have seen this state transform into a juggernaut of right-wing conservatism,” McCranie tells The Advocate.In response, he created Flee Texas to help LGBTQ+ Texans who feel threatened by the current political and cultural environment find a safe space to live outside his state.“As LGBTQIA+ citizens of Texas, many of us feel at risk,” the Flee Texas website reads.

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