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Greg Abbott Sent Death Threats for Ordering Teachers to Report Trans Kids

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Greg Abbott has become the target of death threats on social media as news of his order to have the parents of trans children investigated for child abuse hit the trending page of Twitter, prompting an outcry from users.A Tuesday letter sent from Abbott to the state's Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), saw the Republican governor demand that the agency look into parents who have supported gender-affirming procedures for their children.The letter read that reassignment surgeries, puberty blockers and hormone treatments violated state law and amounted to "child abuse," adding that doctors, nurses, and teachers held a responsibility to report parents who violate this law.Outrage around this measure sparked violate comments from Twitter users, with one person stating "[I] will personally beat [G]reg [A]bbot to death. [I] do not care that [I] live in a different country [I] will personally fly to [T]exas and beat the ever loving s**t out of him."i will personally beat greg abbot to deathi do not care that i live in a different country i will personally fly to texas and beat the ever loving shit out of himA separate user tweeted, "'Vote out Greg Abbott!' b**ch we need to KILL him." Another user wrote, "[M]fs in [T]exas are so stupid, all u gotta do is kill Greg Abbott." Other tweets, including one where a user wrote "I'm going to kill the governor of Texas" have since been taken down."Vote out Greg Abbott!" bitch we need to KILL him.mfs in texas are so stupid, all u gotta do is kill greg abbottThough actual surgery is rarely used, some trans children do use puberty blockers, a measure that medical professionals report to be "completely reversible," The Texas Tribune wrote.

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