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LGBTQ Agenda: Polyamory group asks Facebook for more relationship status choices

If you've ever posted your relationship status on Facebook, and you're happily involved with that one great person you want to spend your life with, you may not have noticed an aspect of the social networking site's relationship status offerings: they're all geared toward dyadic relationships or, rather, relationships involving just two people. If you have noticed, and you're one of the 5% or so of people involved in romantic relationships with more than one other person, you may very well have just rolled your eyes and checked the "open relationship" or "it's complicated" box and called it a day.One group is attempting to change that because, as it said in a letter released June 16 to Tom Alison, Meta's head of the Facebook app, "this restriction perpetuates the erasure and marginalization of non-monogamous relationships; at worst, it harms non-monogamous users by perpetuating social stigmas around the validity and authenticity of their relationships." (Meta Platforms Inc.

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