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Five books to read this summer that centre on the LGBTQ+ community
study, at least 11.9 percent of characters on primetime broadcasting in the US were LGBTQ+, an increase of 2.8 percent from the previous year.But that jump doesn’t even compare to the increase in LGBTQ+ literature.In 2021, around 5 million LGBTQ+ novels were sold in the US, doubling the previous year’s sales, according to NPD BookScan.To mark this landmark achievement, here is a list of book recommendations from the last five years that centre on the LGBTQ+ community, and that would make ideal summer reading.A post shared by Alexis Hall (@quicunquevult)'A Lady for a Duke' by Alexis Hall is about a trans woman who faked her death while fighting Napoleon in Waterloo.After she returns to England, she meets her long-lost friend, who doesn’t recognize her.They, of course, fall in love, and have to decide if it's worth fighting society to be together.That is why this book is a great beach read. It will restore some of your faith in humanity, at least for the 480 pages until you get to the end.A post shared by Everina Maxwell (@everina_maxwell)'Winter’s Orbit' by Everina Maxwell is a space opera, meets murder mystery novel, with an arranged marriage thrown into the mix.It has a unique origin story, starting life as a self-published original story on Archive of our Own (A03), a fanfiction website.And maybe because of that, this book feels like it was written for the author's friends, in the best possible way.Much of the worldbuilding is beautifully utopian.