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In the Cult Lauren Hough Grew Up In, Homosexuality Was Akin to Murder


Leaving Isn't The Hardest Thing (out now). She moves through the many different phases of her life, which include being a bouncer at a gay bar, working as a cable installer, and a rather tortuous stint in the Air Force during "don't ask, don't tell," with some of the most compelling storytelling I've read in years.

Yes, she's got a great story to tell, but more importantly, she's got a clarity and force to her voice that makes each essay sing (or scream, when necessary).

Lauren Hough joins the LGBTQ&Apodcast this week to talk about how growing up in a cult continues to shape her life, why she's been relegated to working "shitty jobs." and her new essay collection, Leaving Isn't The Hardest Thing.Listen to the full podcast interview on Apple.

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