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Two Aryan Hate Group Members Kill Gay Man

Idaho Statesman that Umphenour stayed with the couple at Henderson’s cabin a decade ago.Thompson — who had met Henderson online and moved from Washington State to Idaho to live with him in 2006 — said Umphenour, who was about 18 years old at the time, asked to stay with the couple because his family’s camper didn’t have a lot of space and he didn’t get along with his father.After a month, the couple kicked him out when he attempted to take control of the couple’s home and frequently talked about shooting people who disrespected him.“He had a volatile temper, which was frightening,” Thompson told the Statesman. “He would just explode all of a sudden, so it was like, ‘No we can’t have this here.'”Thompson says he never saw Umphenour after the couple kicked him out.

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