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Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Straight People Face Extinction

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Paul Gosar of Arizona, tweeted last week that the shooter was “a transsexual leftist illegal alien.” Gosar eventually deleted the message.

Other right-wing politicians and commentators have falsely claimed the shooter was trans. Trans women have been harassed because of this and at least one, in Texas, physically attacked.

For the record, the gunman was not trans and was a U.S. citizen.Greene, who is infamous for her unhinged rants and embrace of conspiracy theories, went even further in her anti-LGBTQ+ remarks.

She claimed that authority figures are “grooming” children to identify on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, to the extent that straight people will become extinct.“They just want you to think that all of a sudden the entire population is steadily turning gay or turning trans,” Greene said. “Just generation, generation, generation. … Probably in about four or five generations, no one will be straight anymore.

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