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Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams Kids at Drag Shows: 'Needs to Be Illegal'

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Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is lashing out against the "indoctrination" of children attending drag shows, arguing that it "needs to be illegal."Greene maintained that a legal remedy was required to stop children from "stuffing" money into "a drag queen bra" while sharing a video purporting to show the practice at an all-ages drag show by the conservative Libs of TikTok social media account to Twitter on Tuesday.

Greene is one of many conservatives to have recently railed against events like "Drag Queen Story Hour," while also saying that the LGBTQ community is attempting to "indoctrinate" or "groom" children."This needs to be illegal," Greene tweeted while sharing the video on Tuesday. "What's the difference in children stuffing cash in a drag queen bra and a strippers bra?

Nothing. It's wrong and it's indoctrination."Greene's Communications Director Nick Dyer declined to comment further when asked by Newsweek whether the congresswoman would be in favor of a new law to address the issue, saying only "that's what the tweet says."Although the Libs of TikTok account claimed that the video shows cash being stuffed into the drag queen's bra by "someone who appears to be a minor," the clip does not include footage of any audience member who is clearly underage doing so.

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