New options on dating app Hinge make room for non-monogamy

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Dating app Hinge is adding a new update that allows users to specify whether they are looking for monogamy or non-monogamy. In recognition of non-monogamous partnerships becoming more popular and normalised, those looking for love on the app are able to add a ‘Relationship Type’ they are looking for.

They can choose between ‘monogamous’, ‘non-monogamous’, and for people on a journey of discovery, a ‘still figuring it out’ option.

When a dater chooses a ‘Relationship Type’, they then have the option to include a ‘backstory’ – a bit of context about their relationship history or current situation in their own words.

Hinge including this update is part of its aim to make dating online more inclusive. “Polyamorous, solo-poly, monogamish – these labels represent just a handful of ways to be with other human beings, and are used differently depending on who you talk to,” said Moe Ari Brown, Hinge’s Love and Connection Expert. “Relationships come in many forms, and the ability to express what relationship types daters are currently aligned on their profile gives them an opportunity to connect with someone who has the same relationship goals,” they added.

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