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Elon Musk Throws Transphobic Outburst After Being Booed Onstage

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Over the weekend, the wealthiest man in the world learned that money could buy a social media platform, but it still can’t silence critics.

Elon Musk spent the weekend continuing to stir the proverbial pot by making controversial Twitter posts and showing up as a surprise guest at a Dave Chappelle show in San Francisco.Neither went very well.The new owner of Twitter continued trying to rile up his supporters and gin up controversy in his ongoing attempt to call attention to the platform that advertisers have left in droves after Musk’s acquisition.On Saturday, Musk tweeted, “Twitter is both a social media company and a crime scene.” The billionaire seemingly agreed with the right-wing notion that under its previous ownership, staff at Twitter engaged in crimes against conservatives.

Republicans have long complained that social media companies sought to silence them. Musk has continually played into this idea since taking over the company.

He continues to fuel right-wing conspiracy theories, and rage against technology companies and the media, whom he and conservative influencers believe have been and continue to work together to silence their voices.In his version of Twitter, Musk has cast himself as the one who unearths all truths about Twitter — many of these truths are QAnon and far right-wing conspiracy theories — as he continues to remind his followers by posting memes that simultaneously serve as notes of acknowledgment to right-wingers and troll attempts against liberals.

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